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The world of sustainable fashion is relatively new to the world. It hasn’t been long since fashion companies have started their efforts to move toward a more sustainable future. Truthfully, the concept can be confusing. Many companies take advantage of the lack of information out there. This blog aims to breakdown the barriers around sustainable fashion, look at other sustainable alternatives, and highlight many different aspects of what it means to live a life in luxury alongside our planet.


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Sustainability for Life.

The Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is responsible for at least 10% of all man-made carbon emissions. It is the second largest polluting sector after oil production with 85% of textiles being thrown out every year. The industry is also the second largest consumer of the world’s water supply.


Sustainability at its core is about coexisting with Earth. It is about recognizing that both humanity and the Earth rely upon each other. Our planet gives us food, water, shelter, and the many luxuries we have, so we should give back to the Earth. We should create a world of luxury for us all.

Why Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is just one way to approach reducing humanity’s carbon emissions. With fashion being one of the most wasteful and harmful industries, it would be impossible to make a liveable future without making fashion more sustainable. People deserve to live a life that makes both them and the world feel luxurious.

“Good Design is Sustainable Design.”- Imran Amred

Sustainable Brands at Different Price Points

Sustainable fashion can feel very unaccessible. There’s an expectation that you should buy quality pieces that will last your lifetime, but nobody ever talks about how unattainable the price point for “high-quality”…

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion means something different to every person. It is about a way of living and expressing oneself through means that can be upheld long-term…

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Sustainability for life.

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