Sustainable Brands at Different Prices

Sustainable fashion can feel very unaccessible. There’s an expectation that you should buy quality pieces that will last your lifetime, but nobody ever talks about how unattainable the price point for “high-quality,” sustainable clothes can be or the lack of diversity in style brought from “classic” clothes. This blog post is just one attempt to highlight different sustainable options for people with different styles.

Lowest Price Point ($20-$80)- Chnge

My lowest price point option is Chnge. Chnge is a small brand known for their commitment to ending fast fashion. Unlike most brands that are based around the “streetwear” style, Chnge purposefully works to carbon neutrality, using sustainable fabrics, and paying their workers fair pages.

Middle Price Point ($50-$100)- Pact wear

Pact Wear is a sustainable brand with everything from basics to gorgeous dresses. They are committed to becoming Earth’s Favorite clothing brand. Pact uses organic farming and sustainable fibers to make fabrics that are good for the environment. They also use Fair Trade Certified factories, and carbon offset shipping to truly offset the emissions brought from producing clothing.

High Price Point ($100+)- Scout Label

Scout goods offers clothes that are both trendy and will never go out of style. Their high-quality pieces are made to last a lifetime. All of their clothes are made in the USA, which offsets carbon from long-distance shipping and helps with factory regulation. All of their products are made in small batches and they use deadstock fabric to reuse what’s already been made.

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