What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion means something different to every person. It is about a way of living and expressing oneself through means that can be upheld long-term. To me, this means respecting our desire to express ourselves without damaging the earth. A sustainable world is one where every person and creature can live long, fulfilled lives. When things are not sustainable, they inhibit on this ability to live or even the ability to express. Talking about sustainable fashion is important because the fashion industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters, which means our desire to express ourselves is currently inhibiting our ability to live a long, fulfilled life. Sustainable fashion is just one way to approach reducing humanity’s carbon emissions. With fashion being one of the most wasteful and harmful industries, it would be impossible to make a liveable future without making fashion more sustainable. People deserve to live a life that makes both them and the world feel luxurious.


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